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Intuicom is a leader in providing ruggedized wireless solutions that enhance precision GPS/GNSS applications, traffic control, transportation, and automation. Operating on all seven continents and in every possible climate, Intuicom solutions can satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

In 1999, Intuicom began with the goal of providing innovative wireless solutions for the earth science and research community, supporting remote monitoring projects around the world. Today, we have expanded our focus to a variety of industrial, transportation, machine guidance and automation applications, but we retain our commitment to the success of our customers.

RTK Bridge® Solutions

RTK Bridge

The Intuicom RTK Bridge products provide the most universal, versatile and reliable solution for precision RTK correction delivery. For more than a decade, Intuicom’s RTK Bridge products have been delivering RTK solutions for Precision Agriculture, Machine Control, Vehicle Automation, Construction, Surveyors and anyone who requires consistent, accurate RTK. In addition, the RTK Bridge has evolved into a Communication Hub- connecting the field with the Office, the Internet, and other equipment.

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