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PEGASEM Wheel - 5th-Wheel for Vehicle Testing

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The newly designed 5th-wheels of PEGASEM stand out because of their precision, compactness and carefree reversing ability. This unique design avoids lateral forces to the rim when the vehicle is skidding or reversing. This enables the vehicle to be turned without lifting the 5th-wheel. The integrated sensor delivers stable measurement data even on critical surfaces e.g. on flooded test tracks where non-contact speed sensors often fail.

Very smooth running characteristics on the road are achieved by using a high-grade damper with extra long spring travel. This, together with the newly designed pulse transducer, results in a low noise speed signal.

When selecting the materials, emphasis was put on robustness and corrosion resistance. All components, e.g. joints, fork, axle, ball bearings, hub, spokes, rim and tyres, have been constructed for heavy-duty application. Nevertheless the unit is compact and easy to transport.

The 20"-version is also excellently suited for mounting under trucks. The test driver can at last manoeuver without having to consider lifting the 5th-wheel. Even reversing over kerbstones is no problem.

For extremely high precision measurements, the PEGASEM 5th-wheel is available with an airless PUR-tyre. Therefore re-calibration of the wheel diameter due to loss of pressure, is no longer necessary. Depending on usage, the initial calibration remains valid for several years.

Furthermore, during design a high level of modularity was incorporated. In the case of damage the user can simply change any part within minutes, no special training or any non-standard tools being necessary. Returning the wheel to the factory for repair is therefore usually not required. This increases the availability and minimizes cost.

For attachment to the vehicle we offer various mounting devices e.g.

  • Suction Cup Holders
  • Clamps for the Trailer Hitch
  • Clamps for the Towing Lug
  • Brackets and Plates for underfloor rails on trucks
  • Customized Plates and Flanges

Our attachment devices are modular and extremely versatile. They are also very well suited for mounting other test equipment on the car.


  • Enables reversing and skid testing
  • Compact Size
  • Low Weight
  • Robust and corrosion resistant
  • P-Lock Quick Fastener
  • Easy to disassemble and transport
  • Available in a special carrying case


  • High Prec. Speed Measurement
  • Acceleration Testing
  • Brake Performance Testing
  • Speed Reference during Tire Slip-Testing
  • High Precision Distance Measurement
  • Vehicle Development
  • Registration

The 5th wheel with mounting accessories perfectly fits into the custom made transportation case. Size: 550 x 550 x 270 mm (W x D x H)