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PEGASEM PFS-Series - Pedal Force Sensor

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The PEGASEM PFS pedal force sensors have been developed for homologation tests of vehicle brakes. Many testing procedures demand the exact recording of the pedal force applied during a brake test, e.g. ECE R-13, ECE R-90, DIN70028, MVSS135 , MVSS121. To mount the sensor, a separate Velcro® “spider” is fitted around the pedal. The sensor is then easily attached to the top of the “spider”. The Velcro® “spider” attaches the sensor to any pedal size, making it suitable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The sensor comes with a built-in amplifier and has a digital output for triggering external measurement equipment. The trigger level is 5% of the full scale and can be programmed before delivery.

The optional display can be easily fitted to the windshield by means of a ball joint and a suction cup. It can be supplied together with the sensor directly from the DAQ-system or from a separate power input. PEGASEM PFS Sensors stand out from other brands because they are robust, compact and very cost-effective.


  • Measurement Range: 0 - 1000N
  • Built in Signal Amplifier
  • Error class: 1%
  • Separate Switching Output
  • Supply Voltage Range: 5 - 30V
  • Velcro® Fasteners for easy and reliable attachment to the pedal
  • Compact Design. Activation plate is only 25mm over top of pedal
  • Robust
  • Cost-effective


  • Brake Pedal Force Measurement
  • Vehicle Brake Homologation
  • High Precision Trigger for Brake Testing Equipment

Pfs 1

Pfs 2