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The Laser Distance Sensor - OPTIMESS LC-H-CCD by Dr. D Wehrhahn 

The opto-electronic sensor OPTIMESS LC-H-CCD is a decide for no-contact distance measurement especially for test drive. This sensor distinguishes itself by a great independence of the measurement accuracy on different material surfaces and on the ambient light. 

The OPTIMESS LC-H works accordingly to the triangulation principle. The laser spot projected by a laser diode via an optical system is represented at an angle on a CCD line by receiving optical system. The process integrated in the sensor processes the optical distance information and outputs them as an analogue value or via the CAN bus. 

  • High measuring rate
  • High accuracy
  • Digital processing of measured values
  • Analog output or CAN bus 
  • Distance measurement, position control
  • Car industry, test drive

Download Brochure for technical information