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OPTIMESS MC - Laser Distance Sensor for Digital Processing

The opto-electronic sensor OPTIMESS MC, by Dr D Wehrhahn is a device for no-contact distance measurement. This sensor distinguishes itself by a great independence of the measurement accuracy on different material surfaces and from ambient light. 

  • Distance measurement
  • Position control
  • Thickness measurement
  • Steel industry, industrial automation 
  • Car industry
  • Minimum size and weight
  • Digital processing of measure values
  • Analog output or CAN bus 

The OPTIMESS MC works according to the triangulation principle. The laser spot projected by a laser diode via an optical system, and is represented at an angle on a CCD line by a receiving optical system. 

The processor integrated in the sensor processes the optical distance information and outputs them as an analog value or via the CAN bus. 

Download Brochure for technical information