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EuroNCAP 5 & 7 Lamp Lighting System

Product Brochure

The Euro NCAP lighting system is a complete 5 or 7 x streetlamp system designed and tailored specifically to conduct the NCAP AEB VRU night testing procedure.

Moshon Data has worked very closely with both lighting and mast manufactures to create a solution that provides everything you need to start testing from the day of delivery. Additional models have been created (MD-SLKZ, MD-SLKS) to provide the user with exacting degree alignment of the masts using a turnable, keyed mast.

Technical Specs

Luminaire power  8-50W  49 W   8-50 W   49 W 
Luminous eficacy 140 lm/W (@42 w)  121 lm/W   140 lm/W   121 lm/W 
Luminous flux  -  5200 lm  -  5200 lm
Ambient temperature  -20 - +45°C   -  -20 - +45°C   -
Input Voltage  240 or 24 V   240 V   240 or 24 V   240 V 
IP Water Ingress Rating  IP66 (head) IP44 (connectors)   IP66 (head) IP44 (connectors)   IP66 (head) IP44 (connectors)   IP66 (head) IP44 (connectors) 
Maximum wind speed resistance  56 mph   56 mph   56 mph   56 mph 


Consists of:  Schuch or Zeta Luminare fitting and cable, Pneumatic mast, Nylon head Adapter Plate, Q-Pod or MD-Base, Splitters, rubber cables, Weight bags if required,