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Foam Sidewalks for Park Assist and EuroNCAP Junction Protocol 

Product Brochure

Moshon Data provides soft sidewalks / kerbs that resemble the real thing which can be used for testing and developing Park Assist Solutions as well as the EuroNCAP Junction Protocol. 

The sidewalks have been developed in both straight and curved sections to create configurable junction scenarios which includes the EuroNCAP Car to Pedestrian Turning Adult. 

NCAP Junction 8m Radius

Available as a bespoke radius or Euro NCAP R 8m as seen in the below figure from the Euro NCAP Test Protocol - AEB VRU Systems. 

Technical Specifications 


Moshon Data Soft City Sidewalks

The straight edges are used for simulating a real sidewalk to test and develop Park Assist features, such as Parallel parking. It is used in conjunction with the 3D inflatable cars which are available from Moshon Data.