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4activeC2 - Vehicle target v7.1

Product Brochure

4activeSystems' vehicle target is approved for the EuroNCAP 2020 ADAS tests and represents the Global Vehicle Target (GVT). If you combine the 4activeC2 with the driverless robotic platform 4activeFB-Large, it is the best and most efficient ADAS testing solution. 

It is very low weight, only requiring 2 people to lift the entire unit and due to the soft structure, it will prevent damage on the VUT. 

As with all our products, it has been designed to allow testing under rough conditions and can easily change spare parts when required. 


Technical Specs

Approved By: EuroNCAP 2020 protocols
Compatible With:  4activeFB-large, 4activeFB-small
Radar Signatures: RADAR, LiDAR, Camera and IR-Systems
Build Time:   2 minutes
Complies with: ISO, EuroNCAP, ECE