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4activePA - Articulated Pedestrian Target

Product Brochure

The 4activePA is the official EuroNCAP pedestrian target and is available as 50% adult male or a 7 year old child. 

These targets are made to replicate human properties in both size and shape. It has realistic sensor response and most importantly, articulating legs. These pedestrian targets are constructed to allow testing under rough conditions and the modular system enables an easy and fast change of spare parts. 


Technical Specs

Approved By: EuroNCAP 2020 protocols (C2C)
Compatible With:  4activeSB, 4activeXB, 4active-FB-small, 4activeFB-eco
Radar Signatures: RADAR, LiDAR, Camera and IR-Systems
Versions available:   50% adult male, 7 year old child
Complies with: ISO, EuroNCAP, CNCAP, JNCAP, NHTSA. ACEA, Asian NCAP