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4activeC2 Series – GVT, SUV, SMART

Product Datasheet

The latest soft vehicle targets come in small, medium and SUV size classes and can be optioned with lighting packages to simulate real-life scenarios. Compatible with the leading robotic platforms, the 4activeC2 series targets all have quick build times ensuring easy and fast assembly. Designed according to ISO standards and approved for the Euro NCAP 2020 ADAS tests, the C2 series targets are ideal for creating realistic road traffic scenarios.

C2 Smart
SUV SMART Series 2
C2 Smart
SUV SMART Series 3

  • Compatible with 4activeFB-large and other robotic platforms
  • Easy and fast reassembly within 2 minutes by 2 people
  • Functional light kit option available
  • Designed and tested according to ISO 19206-3
  • Allows testing under all environmental conditions
  • Extremely light and soft structure to prevent damage on the VUT
  • Robust and modular system – easy and fast change of spare parts
  • Realistic response for Radar, Lidar, Camera, and IR-Systems

Technical Specs

Approved By: EuroNCAP 2020 protocols
Compatible With:  4activeFB-large
Radar Signatures: RADAR, LiDAR, Camera and IR-Systems
Build Time:   4 minutes or less
Complies with: ISO, EuroNCAP, ECE