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4activeSB - The mobile dummy rig

Product Brochure

4activeSB by 4ActiveSystems is the official Euro NCAP propulsion system to perform all AEB/AES-VRU tests. It has an open standard concept which makes it very easy to synchronize with all 4activeSystems driving robots and GNSS/Inertial systems. The 4activeSB is the recommended partner to handle your every day testing needs at high volume and is often the first choice of well known organizations like EuroNCAP, JARI, CATARC and IIHS. 

Technical Specs

Approved By: EuroNCAP 2020 protocols
Compatible With:  All driving robots / GNSS systems
Set up time:  30 minutes installation time
Power system:   Battery operated, up to 8 hours 
Complies with: ISO, EuroNCAP, CNCAP, JNCAP, NHTSA, Asian NCAP