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4activeFB-Large  - C2C Testing Robotic Platform

Product Brochure

The large robotic platform is used for C2C-testing (passenger vehicle)  known as the vehicle target 4activeC2 (GVT 2020) and is approved for the EuroNCAP 2020 ADAS tests. It can be synchronized with all driving robots and GNSS/Inertial systems. 

4activeFB-Large is the lowest platform on the market to date and equipped with high-precision antennas. It guarantees a safe and robust testing, even in the worst weather conditions. 

Technical Specs

Approved By: EuroNCAP 2020 protocols (C2C)
Compatible With:  GVT 2020, GVT 2018, EVT
Maximum Speed: Precise performance up to 100km/h
Power system:   Batter swap system for continuously testing
Complies with: ISO, EuroNCAP, CNCAP, JNCAP, UN ECE