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4activeSystems GmbH works in the field of active vehicle safety to develop and produce advanced testing technologies and target objects like pedestrian-, bicyclist-, scooter- or other vehicle-dummies. Our challenge is to simulate a realistic accident situation and displaying the dummies in a realistic way with regard to different sensor systems like radar, infrared, mono- or stereo-cameras.

Our Solutions

4activeSystems focuses on dummies and testing systems for active vehicle safety. Their suite of testing equipment include easily transported mobile products that support several vehicle speeds, static dummies crashable up to 60km/hr and modular articulated dummies that only need minutes for part replacement and minor repairs after rigorous testing.

Test Equipment



The mobile dummy test rig
4active SB is the office Euro NCAP motion control system to perform all AEB/AES-VRU tests. With its open standards concept, it is easy to synchronize with all driving robots and GNSS/Inertial systems. 4activeSB is used by Euro NCAPlabs, JARI, CATARC, IIHS and others. Portable, battery powered and weatherproof with platform speeds up to 20km/h.



Extended range surfboard platform

The 4activeXB is a big brother to the 4activeSB. Besides the standard VRU scenarios with pedestrian and bicyclist targets, it can move motorcycle (PTW) and vehicle targets (GVT) with a speed up to 50km/h.



GNSS/INS controlled platform with special materials

The robotic platform 4activeFB-large for C2C-testing offers speeds up to 100km/h. With its open control systems, it synchronizes with all driving robots and GNSS/Inertial systems (full synchro, path following). 4activeFB-Large is the thinnest platform on the market with very low RCS. Driven by a high-precision dual antenna GNSS/INS it guarantees safe robust testing. Supports 4activeC2 (GVT 2020 ) and other targets

18052501_ms1a_act_OperatingManual-ObstructionWall.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


Flat uniform surface with properties brick wall-like propertise.
The obstruction wall represents a permanent full view blocking obstruction from the ground up between vehicle and bicyclist, running parallel with the bicyclist path per EURO NCAP AEB VRU protocols

Test Dummies



Pedestrian adult and child articulated dummy

Moving leg profiles offer different stride speeds. Realistic response for Radar-, LiDAR, Camera and IR-Systems. Options: arm and head motion, thermal/heat.



Adult and child static bicyclist dummy
Has rotating wheels for realistic characteristics. RCS,IR, visual properties are humanlike.


Motorcycle/PTW target

The 4activeMC (Euro NCAP PTW) is approved for ENCAP2023 ADAS tests and serves as the Global Motorcycle Target (GMT).



Motorbike test dummy
Has rotating wheels, for more realistic testing. The rotating wheels are spare parts and easy to change.



Scooter test dummy

The scooter target 4activeMC (CNCAP E-Scooter) is approved for the CNAP 2021 ADAS tests and represents an average Chinese Electric Scooter.



Pedestrian adult and child static dummy
Fixed posed target detectable by radar, infrared and camera sensors, the Micro-Doppler spread is humanlike.
Adult, 7 year old and 2 year old versions available



GVT Full-size 3D vehicle software target
Offers realistic response for Radar, LiDAR, Camera, and IR-Systems. The target is crashable in any direction. Lightweight and easy setup. Fiesta, SmartCAR, and SUV models. Active lighting option.



Heated target
Available for static, articulated pedestrian and animals for lifelike thermal characteristics. - these dummies are for testing passive IR systems like night vision.



Static Animals
Roe Deer, White Tail Deer, Moose and Wild Boar targets provide realistic response for Rader, LiDAR, Camera and IR-Systems. Heat (HT) and articulation options.

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