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AV200 - The compact INS for precision localization in autonomous applications.  

Product Brochure

Body text: Uncompromising performance in an economical package. The multi-constellation dual frequency RTK with IMU technology provides global coverage and maximum satellite visibility at all times. Achieve high-end performance at a fraction of the price with the AV200.

Navigation you can trust.

Precision and Accuracy

  • 0.2° Heading accuracy
  • 0.1° Roll/Pitch (PPK)
  • 0.05 m Position Accuracy (RTK/PPK)
  • 0.2 km/h Velocity

Selling Points

  • Combined GNSS + IMU for precise localization in highly automated driving
  • Innovative IMU design and state-of-the-art sensors set a new bar for price/performance
  • Scalable pricing for fleet volumes
  • Trusted OxTS performance with industry-proven Kalman filter and navigation engine
  • Temperature calibrated to boost performance at OxTS in-house calibration laboratory
  • Robust lane-level positioning and full dynamic output for path planning and control
  • Quad constellation for maximum GNSS satellite coverage worldwide
  • Tightly coupled INS maintains real-time output during GNSS outages
  • Dual antenna improves heading accuracy while stationary and during low dynamics
  • No export license requirement enables seamless global transportation
  • ROS2 driver support


  • Aerial mobility and drones
  • Autonomous mining vehicles
  • Industrial automation
  • Port and logistics robots
  • Robotaxis, shuttles and busses

Brendel Associates can support your OxTS products requirements and Inertial Navigation System needs across the US. Including WA, MT, ND, OR, NV, VT, CO, KS, CA, AZ, NM, OK, TX and MX

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