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OEM 3000 v3 - Precise reference you can trust for integrated solutions

Product Brochure

Ground truth measurements you can trust when your system demands precision for land applications. The advanced navigation algorithms and supporting technologies such as tight-coupling aid in robust, reliable performance for localization, therefore, facilitating centimeter-level positioning in adverse conditions. 

Tailored feature options are available to suit your application requirements without paying for features you don’t need. 

Trusted by OEM’s, suppliers, and innovators worldwide as well as Euro NCAP.

Selling Points

  • Multi-frequency multi-constellation dual antenna RTK GNSS
  • High-grade MEMS IMU provides precision dynamics measurements and reduces errors in poor GNSS environments
  • Tight-coupling technology aids performance in urban environments
  • Non-ITAR, commercially exportable
  • Smooth and continuous data capture delivering low latency 100 Hz output over Ethernet and serial
  • GLONASS support enhances robustness and speeds up static initialisation

Precision and Accuracy

  • 0.1° Heading accuracy
  • 0.3° Roll/Pitch
  • 1 cm Position Accuracy 


  • Robot control systems
  • Vehicle dynamics testing
  • Autonomous vehicle validation
  • Global NCAP ADAS testing

Brendel Associates can support your OxTS products requirements and Inertial Navigation System needs across the US. Including WA, MT, ND, OR, NV, VT, CO, KS, CA, AZ, NM, OK, TX and MX

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information of any of the product range listed above.