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RT3000 v4 - A high-performance GNSS/INS designed for ADAS and Autonomous vehicle testing

Product Brochure

The brand new RT3000 v4 combines survey-grade GNSS positioning with OxTS' most popular inertial measurement unit. The RT3000 v4 offers so much more, it offers: 

  • Robust
  • Out-of-the-box navigation solution for
    • Uninterrupted positioning
    • Orientation
    • Motion data
    • In all environments

Selling points

  • Reliable real-time data 
  • ITAR-free; no export licence required 
  • Three-minute, low-dynamics warm-up 
  • Tailored to your needs 
  • Free of charge post-processing tools

Ready for the harshest environments

  • Quad constellation GNSS support ensures that you track the maximum number of satellites available at any given time across your route.
  • gx/ix tight-coupling algorithms provide faster RTK reaquisition after temporary, complete outages and enables ‘single satellite aiding’ meaning raw GNSS data can be fed into the navigation engine from a single satellite, greatly reducing position drift.
  • Advanced vehicle model algorithms constrain navigation outputs to those which match the motion profile of land-based vehicles, such as no rotation on the spot, to filter out erroneous sensor data.
  • Embedded NTRIP client makes it simple to receive  GNSS corrections.
  • Wheel speed odometer interface reduces position drift further by aiding the navigation engine with real-time velocity inputs.
  • Integration with OxTS LiDAR Inertial Odometry (LIO) gives you the ability to constrain position drift in urban canyons using velocity and angular updates from a LiDAR sensor.

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