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RT500 v1 - Achieve precision and high-accuracy slip angle measurements with the entry-level INS.

Product Brochure

The RT500 v1 is the industry’s trusted INS for vehicle dynamics testing where RTK is not required, e.g. coastdown testing, brake testing, and slip angle measurements.

The RT2500 is the predecessor of the RT500 v1 and received industry-wide recognition as the hero INS solution for low dynamic testing.  

The RT500 v1 has since replaced the RT2500 and OxTS has combed a high-grade IMU with cost-effective GNSS technology that offers greater connectivity, mobility, and efficiency even in poor GNSS environments. This means the RT500 v1 offers reliable and consistent precision accuracy at an affordable price.

Selling Points

  • Dual antenna multi-frequency GNSS receiver.
  • Tightly coupled GNSS/INS
  • Same trusted performance as the RT2500
  • GPS and GLONASS aiding
  • Capturing vehicle dynamics data with high accuracy
  • Internal memory allows you to capture days of data in one go
  • Up to 250Hz output even during GNSS dropouts
  • Post-processing software included to improve real-time performance
  • Meets all needs for vehicle dynamics testing, for both current and future ISO compliance requirements

Precision and Accuracy

  • 0.1 km/h velocity accuracy
  • 0.05° pitch/roll accuracy
  • 0.05° slip angle accuracy
  • 250 Hz maximum output rate

Hardware Selling Points

  • Tightly coupled GNSS/INS
  • Same trusted performance as the RT2500
  • CAN 2.0 and CAN-FD interface 
  • Dual antenna multi-frequency GNSS receiver

Firmware Selling Points

  • Multiple slop points
  • Data is displaced from an origin on a local coordinates grid
  • Acceleration filers – applied to reduce unwanted noise on angular and acceleration measurements
  • Surface tilt


  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Ride and handling testing
  • Performance testing
  • Brake testing
  • Coastdown testing
  • Acceleration testing

Additional Options

  • RT-Strut
  • RT-UPS
  • ISO 17025 calibrated
  • 250 Hz output
  • CAN acquisition
  • External GNSS interface


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